Wedding Hair Choices

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A recent high profile wedding has emphasised the fact that while the venue, décor and beautifully attired guests can take the breathy away, the eyes will always focus on the bride. Perhaps the second most important feature of the bridal trousseau, after the dress, is the bride’s hairstyle. This finishing touche can either compliment or virtually cancel out a gorgeous dress, and should be very carefully chosen.

The key to a stunning result is in the detail with hair that can inspire and accentuate perfectly. Whether it’s a half up, half down look, a cute ponytail or an exquisite updo, your hair makes an outfit truly special. You can find tantalising hairdo ideas in magazines and online, where you can sit and browse to your hearts content. You can also visit your local salon for some advice on what’s trending!

Some brides to be will prefer romantic cascading soft curls, pinned here and there for effect, or swept up chignons for a timeless and classy vibe. Wedding hairstyles provide a wonderful opportunity to be imaginative and flamboyant, and a chance to look spectacular. Whatever your natural hair type, such as curly, straight, short or long, the style you choose for your big day will look amazing if professionally done. We can chat about your ideas, whether you prefer the traditional look or a more bohemian take, and advise on how to get the best results for an incredible day. Once you know which style you desire, we can help with every aspect including colour, length, condition etc.

A range of hair accessories are available that will elevate whichever look you decide on, and inject a touch of glamour into the proceedings too. Companies like Botias, offer a deliciously charming selection of embellishments for wedding hair. The choice includes bespoke combs, pins, headbands, gold or silver hair vines, featuring sparkling crystals, delicate pearls, sapphires and lots of fabulous combinations. Once you find a look you are in love with, you can relax and anticipate your exciting day.

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