Try a New You?

Professional Hair Colour Specialists, L’Oreal Highly Trained Stylists, Smart Bond

Hair style and colour is one of the most widely used ways to make a statement about ourselves, whether it’s with bright vibrant colours, or sleek natural tones. There are so many ways to treat, dress and wear our hair that it’s sometimes hard to choose. Some people including teens and performers like to change their look frequently, and are pretty brave when it comes to their hair. Colours like lavender, bright blue and vibrant red are rocked by many, and effects include ombre-ing and balayge.

Recent trends are inspired by food and drink like the ‘PB and J’ look, based on [wait for it] a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, featuring beautiful deep berry tones and caramel highlights. A more natural approach would be the ‘Gingerbread Latte’ with its rich chocolaty brown base and soft, cinnamon highlights swirled throughout. All guaranteed to attract admiring glances, if done professionally and using high quality products.

At Trimmers, L’Oreal products are used by our highly trained colour specialists Lauren and Adele, using the latest colouring techniques like balayge, ombre, highlights and free hand painting. Our L’Oreal colour experts graduated in London in 2016 with a credit of over 90%. Our other excellent stylists are required to attend courses at the L’Oreal Academy, Manchester also, to ensure happy smiling customers with amazing hair!

Lauren, Adele and fellow stylists are adept at every aspect of colouring including advising on the perfect colour for your skin tone, seamless coverage of grey and colour correction. Using the Smart Bond system, customers are assured uncompromising hair protection and outstanding condition, whatever the process. Our friendliness, expertise and attention to detail is what brings customers back time after time so call us to book an appointment on 01695 721414.

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