Stand Out From The Crowd

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Women of all ages and lifestyles are throwing caution to the wind and trying the dip-dye look. Much admired celebs are usually the inspiration for a new trend, and Helen Mirren’s pretty pink locks certainly did not go unnoticed. Once you have decided to go for it, find a reputable hair salon. You don’t want to end up looking like Barbara Cartland, or like you have a head covered in candy floss, so stay safe in the hands of the experts.

The key to this look, and indeed any hairstyle, is of course condition! A lustrous, glossy mane is the desired outcome for most of us. This is not only visibly beautiful, but will take years off you, and help the colour to last longer. Think about the colour or colours you would like to rock, and whether they are compatible with your clothes, daily lifestyle etc. Ask the advice of friends and family, although ultimately it’s up to you how you wear your hair but it’s nice to have an opinion.

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be very cathartic and refreshing, it will also make those around you sit up and take notice. Hair colours outside the norm are no big deal these days, and certainly won’t get you stared at [unless in a good way]. A subtle shade of baby pink applied to the hair ends can be very attractive, especially where the rest of the hair is silver or white. Even a hint of blue here and there can bring stunning results, lifting your look, and mood! Gentle waves or bouncy curls will accentuate the effect and reflect the light giving gorgeous added shine.

Our L’Oreal colour specialists, believe that your hair is an important part of your personality, and a perfect way to make a statement. You can benefit from our expertise and advice on wonderful semi-permanent hair colours in all the latest and best loved shades. Call Trimmers on 01695 721414.


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