Musculoskeletal Pain: Take the First Step to Recovery

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sspA large percentage of us are really good at looking after our appearance, keeping our hair and nails nice and dressing well. Yet we aren’t as meticulous when it comes to other aspects of our wellbeing. Making sure that our posture is correct and unlikely to cause problems is often at the bottom of the list of priorities for most of us. It is only when issues arise such as the occurrence of back and neck pain, that bad posture is acknowledged.

A substantial amount of the population these days work seated at a computer, holding the same sedentary position for hours on end. The work station is usually not adjusted to each persons specific requirements, and commonly this aspect of the work day isn’t even considered. Of course as this type of work role becomes more and more common, awareness is growing. It is surprising however, that efforts have not been concentrated in this area sooner, as this type of pain and discomfort is responsible for literally millions of yearly absences. Figures show that although absenteeism is falling within the UK, this is not the case where long term conditions are concerned.

One of the major causes of long term sickness, is back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, all of which have increased steadily over the years. Studies recommend that the government put in place measures to ensure people are fit for work. Prevention is the best course of action for employees in an office environment, with modification of seating positions, chairs, desks and computers. Around 30% of disability in the UK is a result of musculoskeletal conditions, and this will no doubt increase.

The misery of these painful and limiting conditions can be cured in a vast amount of cases, and even where total eradication is not possible, the problem is typically significantly diminished. Our web promotion partners Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd, based in Brentwood Essex, are committed to delivering a range of solutions for people suffering due to pain from musculoskeletal problems. A highly qualified team of specialists and therapists will create a care package individually suited to your needs, whatever the reason behind your physical problems. They provide a patient centred service including identification of the particular issue, physiotherapy, massage, IDD treatment and video gait analysis. Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd, are one of the few clinics offering groundbreaking Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy, and the results and patient feedback speaks for itself. They even offer a money back guarantee!

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