Loreal Showcase Catwalk

Tuesday 5th March a group of 10 of us headed down to Liverpool Cathedral to watch the spring/summer L’Oreal showcase catwalk. We got some new inspirational ideas for the new trends of 2013! We were also shown new home hair care products.

Adele’s thoughts on the L’Oreal night where that she picked up alot of new techniques, and new trends for this season. She found that alot of the work from the stylists were designed in alot of floral and colour. Alot of the work that we saw that night was very inspiring and we will defiantly be using alot of their work in the salon.

Molly was amazed by the new tends the L’Oreal Id artists team had to offer. The venue that the L’Oreal showcase was held at was outstanding. At the end of the show we were each given a goody bag filled with new L’Oreal hair care products to try out in the salon. We learnt alot about the new product Plea and how it benefits the clients being able to style their own hair.

The product L’Oreal Plea is brilliant for clients who need an extra boost on volume and hold.