Lads, Boys Hair Styles, Fades, Flat Tops, Squared Crew Cuts, Designs & Barbering. Lads Hair Cuts

Our Lads stylists specialise in barbering and young hair styles – from the latest Flat Tops and fades to a 12” Mohican…!!

Joanne joined Trimmers from school as a trainee hairdresser and was trained at Andrew Collinge. Around the time that Joanne joined Trimmers, a hair stylist joined us who specialised in lad’s and men’s cuts and he passed on a lot of his knowledge, barbering and cutting techniques to Joanne.
Joanne can also do Afro Caribbean hairstyles – including Afros, Fades and Flat Tops.
Just now, the longer look is also popular. This is a more layered, texturised look.
Lads are coming in asking for Stevie Gerrard, Theo Walcott and Lewis Hamilton styles and also the spikey look.

Speed Cutting

We know that lads lead busy, fast paced lives. They don’t work by ‘appointments’ but they don’t like to sit for ages in a queue either. At Trimmers we offer Speed Cutting, where the lads call in without appointment, have a short wait for their turn, get their speed cut and away they go. Using speed cutting, which is proving to be very popular, we have halved the queues on the busiest days of Friday and Saturday.