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Ionic Permanent Hair Straightening – Correct Frizzy & Curly Hair.

ionic hair Straightening – FAQ

iconic2Joanne & Lauren are Senior Stylists and Ionic Treatment specialists.
Says Joanne “My clients tell me that the major benefit of Ionic Hair Straightening treatment is that it makes life so much easier. They tell me their hair doesn’t go frizzy when the weather is damp and it is really great when they go on holiday, when the humidity can be a real problem.”

Ionic Straightening For Men Too !
We have seen an increasing uptake in Ionic Hair Straightening for men. With the trend for men to grow their hair longer, the requirement for hair straightening has grown significantly. The hair really needs to be about 2½ inches (60mm) long before we can apply the Ionic treatment.

Premiership Star Treatment
Trimmers Salon has a very strong reputation across the North West for its Ionic hair straightening. We have a growing male client list for Ionic straightening, which includes at least one famous Premiership footballer idolised in Merseyside…..!! That’s as much as we can say….

Ionic Hair Straightening – FAQ

Lauren has answered numerous questions on the subject of ionic Hair Straightening and here are some of them that you may find helpful:-

Q. Can you apply ionic Hair Straightening to dry hair?
A – The first treatment cream opens up the outer layer of your hair. We need to be careful that this is not left too long on very dry hair as it can cause it to go brittle and snap. So the answer is yes, but the stylist needs to be experienced in applying ionic and this detail should come out in your initial consultation.

Q. Can I have Ionic Hair Straightening if I have colour on my hair?
A – This can be a bit more tricky that a normal IHR treatment. It depends on how pourus your hair is. In such cases we will ask you to send in some strands of your hair for us to test for porosity. We need to be able to get the initial treatment into your hair evenly and if your hair is too porous this may not be possible. So send in your samples and we will advise you.

Q – How long before I can colour my hair after Ionic straightening?
A – You should not colour your hair for 2 weeks before treatment and 1 week after.

Q. Is the price the same when I come in to have my roots done?
A – Yes, because it is exactly the same treatment each time you have it done.

Q. How long will the ionic Treatment last?
A – The ionic treatment has permanent effect, so it is just the growth in your hair that we need to deal with, but the treatment covers all of your hair each time.

Q. How often should I get my roots done.
A – Typically every 6 – 8 months.

Q – How would you compare the Yuko system to Ionic straightening.
A – From what we see and hear of it, the Yuko system seems to work as more of a hair relaxer than a permanent straightener. Clients who have had both systems applied tell us that the Ionic gives a really nice, sleek, conditioned finish. Clients who have used both on Afro hair in particular say that Ionic treatment gives very smooth hair.
The Ionic chemical hair straightening system is a strong, effective hair straightener. It is permanent and after treatment your hair will not curl or hold a bend. Clients should be sure that this is exactly what they want before booking the ionic hair straightening treatment.

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