Ionic Permanent Hair Straightening – Correct Frizz & Curly Hair.

Ionic Permanent Hair Straightening System


The Ionic permanent hair straightening treatment has been developed to not only straighten but also improve the manageability of many types of hair such as naturally curly and frizzy hair, dehydrated, damaged and coarse hair and hair that is lacking in vitality.
Ionic Hair Retexturising is not just a hair straightening or a hair perming system. IHR gives excellent hair straightening without damaging the hair. In fact, the very specific ionizing technology will actually improve the texture and condition of treated hair.

Why Choose IHR?

Yuko was probably the first hair straightening system in the UK, but it is not great for use on coloured hair and people often talked of their hair feeling stiff after the straightening treatment.
The Ionic hair straightening system incorporates a protector. This means that it is usually safe to use for straightening coloured and highlighted hair (excluding bleach highlights). In feedback from our clients, we are also told that Ionic treated hair feels very natural and soft.


What is Ionic Hair Retexturising treatment (IHR)?

Positive and negative ions are small particles that gather around an object and exist in most substances. By restructuring the ion clusters of water, IHR allows water molecules to penetrate the core of each individual hair. Thus each IHR treatment rehydrates and conditions the hair during the straightening process.

What are the results of IHR?

IHR straightens and improves the health and manageability of many types of hair:

  • Naturally curly and frizzy hair
  • Dehydrated, damaged and course hair
  • Hair lacking in vitality

Why has Ionic Hair Retexturising becoming so popular?

IHR has become so popular because of these important benefits;

  • Fabulous hair straightening results for all types of hair.
  • None of the hair damage that can occur with other hair straightening techniques.
  • After treatment, hair requires absolutely minimum maintenance. A simple speedy blow dry after washing is all that you need to do to maintain your style.
  • IHR leaves your hair full of vitality and strength, feeling soft and natural.
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Ionic Treatment and Post Treatment Hair Care

The IHR treatment takes 3 – 4 hours:

  • The hair is shampooed with the Ionic relaxant shampoo
  • The pre-treatment care products are applied
  • The Ionic retexturising formula is applied and the hair is allowed to completely relax
  • The formula is rinsed off
  • The hair is blow dried and ironed

Hair must be kept straight & down for 10 days after the process. No bobbles or clips
Do not shampoo for 3 days after the process.

For post treatment, we hold in the salon a range of specialist shampoo, conditioner and finishers.
Each treatment lasts for 4 – 6 months.
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