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Ionics Hair Straightening Review by Charlotte Worsley

After having my very, very curly hair straightened at Trimmers with the miracle ionic treatment and looking at the previous reviews on their website thought I should have a say too!

I’d thought about having some sort of hair straightening treatment for a long time but there wasn’t enough information around for me to feel comfortable about having it done. I was always hearing the horror stories which definitely put me off. Anyway, after trawling through the internet, this ionic treatment stood out as the best by a mile.

Then I had the task of finding a salon who could do this treatment and be local to me. Trimmers was the first one I found that had the most information and looked very professional ….. being a short drive away was a plus! I rang them up and spoke to Janet, who made me an appointment for a consultation.

I arrived at my appointment with my ‘natural look’, which was a bit wild to say the least, especially first thing in the morning!

Lauren talked me through the procedure, how long it would take and assessed my hair’s condition to ensure it was compatible and could withstand this type of treatment. Lauren answered all my dozens of questions and gave me so much knowledge and advice all with a few coffees to boot! All my trepidations went out the window so I made an appointment for a week later.

Arriving for my appointment, a bit nervous I must admit, I was put at ease with a lovely coffee and Lauren explained where she was going to start.

Well, here’s the technical part!

My hair was shampooed 3 times to open up the cuticles, and then rough dried. Ionic relaxer cream was applied, section by section, and that was left on for an hour and a half. Another coffee, reading material and a good old chat made the time whizz by before it was then thoroughly washed.

Hair straighteners were then used to seal the cuticles before the neutralising cream was applied. It all reminded me of the same treatment my mum used to do when she was perming her hair …. back in the old days!

Well a few hours later I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’ve never, ever had my hair look so shiny and healthy, and of course straight!

After more technical, and very important instructions about aftercare – not to wet my hair or tie it up for 3 days, tucking my hair behind my ears was a no-no, I left the shop with my now swingy, straight hair. Best decision I have made!

My hair is now so easy to manage and no more dreading the brush in the morning!!

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