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• Review of Ionics Hair Straightening at Trimmers by Sarah Morris, beauty & haircare freelance reviewer

Ionics Permanent Hair Straightening Technique for Curly, Coarse & Problem Hair

Trimmersimage1When you have thick red hair like I do there are usually two main reactions from people, they are either enthralled and envious, or deeply sympathetic. I have had a barrage of both responses in my life and it can be a little confusing. My type of hair is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, no in-between. Personally I have to admit I am tired of the daily struggle to attempt to have glossy sleek straight hair, like the women on the shampoo adverts! Don’t get me wrong Im not obsessed with my appearance [honest], and I know I am not alone in wanting what I don’t have.

Frantically searching the internet every so often for the latest developments or wonder products to solve my dilemma has been a fruitless task. Im ashamed to admit that I have wasted quite a bit of money in my quest too. I have had a moderate amount of success here and there but nothing substantial. Whatever I do to my hair it always ends up looking like I just got out of bed! Last Christmas I attended a fancy dress party as Cleopatra, and the amount of comments I received about how much the lovely straight costume wig suited me, made my resolve even stronger [the rental shop were lucky to get it back!]. So the search for the impossible was on again.

Professional Straightening, Colouring, Cutting & Styling

I searched salons that were not too far to get to and had a look at what they said on their websites about hair straightening. A couple of places caught my interest but one in particular, Trimmers in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, had a lot of information on a straightening technique called ‘Ionics’ or Ionic Hair Retexturising. I was particularly interested in the claim that this process actually enhances hair quality and leaves it in immaculate condition. It stated that other advantages included a long lasting, low maintenance result with improved manageability. The photographs were extremely impressive and I was just about sold on the idea already.

I went along to the salon to chat about my hair with Lauren [very friendly] and my excitement grew. Ionics sounded like a highly effective yet gentle way of permanently straightening hair. The only downside according to Lauren was that it would take around four hours to complete the process. That didnt bother me though, and I was sure the three boxes of chocolates I was taking would get me through! [joke].

I decided to book an appointment for a week later and awaited the day in anticipation. During that week each time I struggled and fought with my hair, I could not imagine ionics working on my tangled mane, it seemed too unlikely.

Permanent Correction & Conditioning of Frizzy or Curly Hair

Trimmersimage2When the day of my appointment arrived I confess I had a bit of a wobble, you always wonder if you are doing the right thing, and what if it goes drastically wrong? I had another look at the website to convince myself and off I went. My hair was prepared by shampooing, and a hair protector was applied. Then came a cream which apparently relaxes and opens the hair cuticles, assisting with moisture penetration, a key element of the process.

My hair was shampooed again and then came the important stage, the straightening, where each small piece of hair was carefully worked on with the straightening irons. This was a little long drawn out, but all I had to do was sit there, although Lauren seemed happy enough. I think she was as excited as me about the eventual outcome. I’m sure we exhausted every topic of conversation, from holidays we had had to favourite programmes. [I think world politics was in there somewhere too]

Ionic Hair Retexturising for a Sleek, Glossy, Groomed & Conditioned Look

My hair was neutralised, rinsed, conditioned, and blow dried using a special brush. When I finally looked into the mirror I stared for a while [Lauren was grinning as she must see this reaction a lot].

After just three hours and forty five minutes I had the look I’d been struggling to achieve for years! I had shimmering glossy hair, and when I turned my head I felt the fast moving hair tickle my neck. I was given one or two simple instructions on how to treat my hair and some do’s and dont’s in the coming few weeks, before leaving the salon.

Since I had the ionics treatment the condition of my hair has remained the same, each time I wash it, a quick blow dry is all that is required. When it grows out, in about 6 months apparently, I will be having my roots done. Im delighted with the finished look of my hair, and wish it had been available years ago. I will say though that anybody considering having this treatment should be absolutely certain its what they want as it is a permanent straightening technique. So your hair, like mine, will be sleek, satin like and beautifully smooth, 24/7.

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Ionics Permanent Hair Straightening Technique for Curly, Coarse & Problem Hair. Professional Straightening, Colouring, Cutting & Styling. Permanent Correction & Conditioning of Frizzy or Coarse Hair. Ionic Hair Retexturising for a Sleek, Glossy, Groomed & Conditioned Look. Hair Styling Techniques, Skelmersdale, Lancashire

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