Traditional Highlights

Sections of hair woven and lightened from root to tip. Folded into foils to keep them isolated from the rest of the hair.


Balayage is a technique where colour is painted onto selected strands unlike highlights it’s usually a process without foil (but some techniques use foil in order to achieve a lighter result.)


Lowlights use the same techniques as highlights but instead of lightening it’s to darken, this creates dimensional multi-tone results.


Babylights are woven and sections are taken very fine, these are blended into the root and melt right into the base.

Babylights are a similar technique to highlights but provide a more delicate look. The main difference is the amount of hair in and between each section. They are finer micro-strands but there are more of them and make will give the illusion of a subtle all over colour and make your sun-kissed glow last longer. Babylights are a more current method used if you’re looking for a big change like going from brown to blonde without the harsh process of a colour correction.

For the application, your stylist will create a more natural blend of colours by highlighting more sections of your hair. These sections will be finer than traditional highlights and generally takes longer with a higher cost, as it is a much more precise process. Babylights are so versatile and work great for many hair types, especially clients with thin/fine hair because more dimension is added to the hair without looking stripy which can make the hair look even more fine.