Trimmers Hair Salon to Re-Open

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Great to hear that hair salons and barber’s are allowed to reopen on Saturday 4th July, and provide services which include cutting and treating hair on the head. Appointments must only be hair based however, with no beauty treatments offered. The Safer Workplaces guidelines, published by the government advises on rules for close contact services within the UK. These relate to hair as well as beauty businesses, as lockdown is eased, and they prepare to open. The key points are:-

  • Salons must adhere to social distancing rules by maintaining a two metre distance between clients, or one metre if additional precautions are in place, such as screens
  • Practitioners must wear face visors for all activities. Clients or staff may choose to wear an additional face covering, but this can not be used as an alternative to visors.
  • There must be an appointment system only in place, clients must not be able to simply ‘walk-in’. A temporary record of clients and visitors is required to be kept by salon and barbershop owners for 21 days. This is to support the NHS test-and-trace system which controls outbreaks of the virus.
  • Clients must not consume food or drinks in salons, and only water in disposable bottles or cups will be acceptable.
  • The use of hairdryers is allowed

These guidelines are based on the most recent scientific evidence. Anybody carrying out hairdressing or barbering activities will have to wear face visors. This includes those providing beauty services also. The visors must consist of clear Perspex from the forehead down, covering the eyes, nose and mouth. Face coverings may be worn in addition to, but not instead of visors.

The Government says there are distinct differences between face masks and face coverings. Face masks are used by health care workers and face coverings are required on public transport. Face coverings are believed to protect others from catching the virus rather than protecting the wearer.

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