Hair Care Glossary

Ionic Hair Straightening, Hair Extensions, Fashion Hair Colouring. Glossary

Acid Perm
A perm which works with the Ph scale of your hair. A highly conditioning perm which gives soft curls and manageability.

Colour Services

FOILS: This colouring technique is used to create a multitude of looks. Whether you want to go bright blonde, multi-tonal or just add some subtle shade differences, our team will be able to advise you and create your dream look.

Full head: This covers 100% of the head, and colours all re-growth.

Half head: This technique covers about 60% of the head, it incorporates colour into the sides, parting and crown. Our clients usually alternate half head and full head foils, as it is normally unnecessary to perform full head foils every time.

T-Section: This sectioning technique is great for when you are lacking time or just need a slight touch-up. It Incorporates hair from the sides and parting to give the illusion of having had full head highlights.

Full Head Tint: This colouring process is applied onto the scalp, mid-lengths and ends to create a glossy all over colour.

Root Tint: This process is applied to the roots only, this colours re-growth and by applying it only to the roots stops the risk of over processing or damaging the hair.

Semi Permanent Colour: This colouring process is applied to wet hair, this highly conditioning colour treatment normally lasts in the hair for 8-10 washes. This service is not suitable for white hair.

An extremely versatile and popular ceramic straightener.

Hair Cuticle
The hair cuticle makes up the outside layers of your hair. It forms scaly layers that protect the inner parts of each strand of hair. As well as protecting the inner layers of the hair, water is allowed into the hair via the cuticle. The shiny lustre of your hair is often due to your hair cuticles.

Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions: Our team is highly experienced at working with hair extensions. With over 10 years’ experience, we can advise you on different types of hair extension options i.e. quality of hair, techniques, after care, colouring. Whatever your requirement whether length or thickness, we will help you achieve the best result for your needs.

Ionic Straightening System
If you are constantly fighting with your curls, seeking that sleek look or want increased manageability, then our ionic straightening system is what you’ve been searching for. With its Ion technology it permanently restructures the hair to leaves it super-shiny, sleek, smooth, hydrated and conditioned. This truly revolutionary service will make managing your hair a breeze, say bye bye to those straighteners.

Also termed Ionic Hair Retexturising. See our Ionic Treatment page.

Ionic Hair Retexturising. See our Ionic Treatment page.

Ionic texturising / Ionic straightening
Hair straightening system which uses an extremely gentle technology to straighten and treat many types of hair. (See our Ionic Treatment page for full details).

National Hairdressers’ Federation, of which Trimmers are a member.

A brand of high quality, long lasting hair extensions

Semi Permanent
A quick and easy application of colour, applied to newly shampooed hair. Colour which gives extremely high shine and vitality and only lasts for approximately six to eight shampoos.

A more comfortable and easier method than the hi-lighting cap. Different colours can be used at any one application.