Fight the Frizz!

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Poker straight hair is always in fashion, creating a slick and chic appearance for any look, and is loved by celebrities including actresses, singers and models. Victoria Beckham and Zac Posen are just two of the many designers who love straight hair for their catwalk creations. For us mortals though achieving the sleek look is a little more difficult, and requires time and patience, especially when the atmosphere is damp. Frustration abounds when perfectly blow dried hair becomes a frizzy mess after two minutes outdoors.

But there is a very effective solution to this situation, with chemically straightened hair, namely Ionics. Imagine having the straight hair you desire for at least 12 weeks, needing barely any maintenance at all. Impossible?

Ionics is a Japanese straightening system which not only gets the results you want, but without compromising the condition of your hair. In fact this innovative technique goes a long way towards improving and protecting your hair. It will straighten frizzy or curly hair without the use of damaging heat, as it positively changes the structure of the hair. It grows out naturally as a perm would, and lasts for three to six months. Treated hair will be lustrous and polished, although it should not be used on bleached or damaged hair.

Heated straighteners or tongs can dehydrate the hair and damage cuticles which in turn encourages frizz. As Ionics flattens and seals the hair cuticles, so a brief blow dry will suffice for excellent results. You can even allow your hair to dry naturally without it reverting back to a mass of curls. The process takes a mere few hours, and as many, many happy customers will testify…… works!

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