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Semi Permanent MakeupSemi-Permanent makeup has emerged as one of the most popular treatments ever, due to the vast amount of benefits it provides. Women everywhere can look naturally stunning with no effort at all! People love its non invasive nature, and jaw dropping results, especially celebs who need to look good at all times. It’s the reason for Kim Kardashian’s flawless eyebrows, Cher’s pristine eye liner and probably Angelina Jolie’s perfect lips. Colleen Rooney was one of the first to jump feet first into the semi-permanent makeup pool with eyebrow tattoos.

But these days you don’t have to be a star with a limitless budget to enjoy the benefits of these treatments. This trend isn’t going anywhere as it removes the hassle of applying and reapplying make up. It allows you to take your time getting ready for work in the mornings and holidays are much more fun. Jumping in and out of a pool can ruin your carefully applied make up, but semi-permanent makeup never budges.

These treatments also save money that would be spent on makeup such as lipstick, eye liner and eyebrow pencils. There is also no need to have brows shaped regularly, as they will stay in your preferred shape. Microblading creates extremely fine, realistic strokes that mimic hairs, great if your eyebrows are thinning. It lasts amazingly and usually only needs to be touched up every one or two years.

Lips can be defined and accentuated with a beautiful light blush that creates a youthful, fresh look. These non-invasive cosmetic treatments are best when done by skilled experts such as Niaome Grady of Permanent Makeup by Niaome. She has an art and design background and is passionate about what she does, especially making her clients happy. If you like the sound of perfect makeup that stays put 24/7, contact Niaome on 07716388710, and book an appointment, you won’t be sorry!


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