Fancy a Daring Change?

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hair2Introducing the perfect look to go with jeans……..denim hair?

There is always something new on the scene for hair, with past trends like glitter partings, hair tattoos and rainbow bangs. It has even been possible to have glow in the dark hair which reacts to UV light, great on the dance floor. One of the most popular recent trends is denim hair, which consists of a multitude of shade options from dark indigo like the deep blue sea, to palest aqua, and can include a combination of blue, purple, lilac and grey. After all, how many shades of jeans are there?

Truly adventurous and individual, this beautiful look is perfect in any setting especially parties, holidays and any time you want to look amazing. Neat and sleek or wild and tousled hair in distressed blue hues echo denim jeans and jackets perfectly, whether your favourite style is intensely dark or faded.

At Trimmers, we are specialists when it comes to hair colouring, and choose high quality products, from names like L’Oreal to ensure gorgeous results. Inspired by this ageless blue fabric, L’Oreal’s ‘Denim for Hair’ range of spectacular colours leaves the hair looking fabulous as well as groomed and conditioned.

light-denim-hairThe ‘stonewash’ effect is ideal for lighter hair, and features soft shades of inky blue washes with a silvery cool sheen, that is sure to turn heads. ‘Indigo’ adds deep warm tones for brunettes and blondes alike as it accentuates both tanned and pale skin. Another stunning choice from L’Oreal is ‘midnight ink’, for a dramatic impact in multidimensional blue-black. Denim hair can be dynamic, confident and striking, or subtle, delicate and pretty, but ultimately contemporary and fashionable.

Of course at Trimmers we will help you to achieve the perfect hair for you, and are highly skilled in all the latest techniques. We offer expert colouring, Ionic hair straightening, extensions, curling and luxury treatments for a permanent ‘just off the catwalk’ look.


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