Exciting Product News and Special Offer!!

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blondeAt Trimmers salon we are constantly on the look out for new ways to keep you gorgeous! Whether its the latest trends in hair design, colour technology, clever techniques or innovative products.

OLAPLEX™ which was researched and developed by scientists, has been making waves in the world of hair and beauty. This award winning new hair care product was originated in California and quickly became a celebrity favourite, with its promise of colour strength and shine. One single active ingredient can reverse the effects of years of permanent hair colouring and lightening. Hailed by beauty industry experts as a turbo charged conditioning treatment, OLAPLEX™ is free of oils, silicone, aldehydes, parabens and even gluten.

Reverse Damage and Restore Hair Health

OLAPLEX™ works by linking broken bonds within the hair during and after chemical treatments and processes, leaving the hair with a mirror like shine. Hair can be lightened more successfully, with less harsh chemicals needed and colour lasts longer, which is why OLAPLEX™ is already being offered by top salons internationally. Clients at Trimmers can now experience this amazing treatment which effortlessly restores damaged hair to healthy youthful hair.

February Special Offer – £100 off Ionics Permanent Hair Straightening System

We have some exciting news for fans of the Ionics Permanent Hair Straightening System too, with an unbelievable £100 off this popular treatment during the month of February! As many of our clients have discovered, ionics can quickly transform curly or frizzy hair to smooth, straight and shiny locks, that simply require a wash and dry to look fabulous. The process improves the condition of the hair and ensures enhanced manageability 24/7.

Stunning looks at a discounted price, what’s not to love? Oh and talking of love, an Ionics Permanent Hair Straightening treatment would make an ideal Valentines Day gift for girls or guys. Call the team at Trimmers for more information on 01695 721414.

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