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trimmersAfter my extremely satisfying and stress free experience at Trimmers salon in Skelmersdale, I got to thinking about some of my past hairdressing episodes at other salons. We’ve all have them. Previous trips to the hairdressers have over the years contributed to the substantial amount of anxiety I experience whenever I book a hairdressing appointment, even at a salon I’ve visited on several occasions. As you sit there in front of the mirror, watching the horror revealing itself, you are already rehearsing your reaction. ‘Wow, yes, that’s lovely! Thank you, absolutely fab, great, yes……what? no they’re not tears I’ve just got something in my eye!…….ahem’ [now let me out!]

There are not many circumstances where you would find yourself full of praise at the final outcome of a service, and hand over your payment with a generous tip, only to hurry home hoping nobody recognises you, and throw yourself on the floor sobbing when you arrive.

Of course you have to get it into perspective, hair will usually grow back, so a bad hairdo isnt Earth shattering, [it just feels like it!]. You cant help wishing you could just flick the reset button and your hair will revert back to before you entered the salon.

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I annoy myself at the hairdressers as in most other areas of my life I am fairly assertive and not scared of stating what I want. The minute I walk into a salon and sit in the waiting area I become a complex web of negative emotions, where all of my past hairdressing nightmares pass before my eyes. I feel powerless to complain for fear of getting half way through ‘…erm…its not quite….’ when the whole salon, staff and customers take a breath, the radio falls silent, the phone stops ringing, you could hear a pin drop, your stylists eyebrows begin to knit together as she stares in disbelief. You end your sentence with ‘…..expensive enough, not quite expensive enough! I’ll be sure to add a large tip’. The stylist smiles wistfully, customers start to chat and laugh, the radio continues to play and the phone carries on ringing! Ok maybe Im being a bit too melodramatic, but sometimes a visit to a dentist who has run out of anaesthetic when I need five fillings seems more preferable to getting my hair done.

I remember when I was 16, I was waiting in a salon while my friend had her hair done, and one of the young stylists asked if she could use me as a model for her hairdressing exam. She wanted to do all kinds to my hair, wild colouring, cutting, styling, I politely declined and she looked hurt, then looked aghast and said ‘Dont you want hair like mine?’ I could not think of a reply as I gazed at the top of her head at the mish mash of colours, strange cuts and asymmetrical shapes. Afterwards one of her colleagues whispered to me ‘good decision, she would have ruined your hair, she has already asked everyone else!’

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trimmers2I have had some dreadful haircuts, and I have to say it hasnt always been the hairdressers fault. Once I wanted to be rid of my curly mass, and asked for a very, very short cut. The girl kept checking with me if she had taken too much off and I kept urging her to continue. She seemed worried. When I came to my senses, I was horrified at how short it was, my head resembled that of a young chimpanzee, cropped so short it stuck out at all angles. I just about crawled home and I think scared a small child on the way, who glanced back at me, tugged her Mums arm and gestured her head towards me! Its disconcerting when everybody looks pointedly at your head before your face, and not in a good way, that’s when you know you look ridiculous.

Another time I visited a salon wanting some highlights, I came out three hours later looking as if I had walked under a decorating ladder and a tin of white paint had spilt onto the top of my head. I wasn’t sure how the stylist achieved that look, until I remembered that she was so busy in conversation with the other stylists, I dont think she looked at my hair more than twice! This is probably also the reason that she burned the back of my head with a hairdryer that felt hotter than the sun, leading me to jump out of my seat. She didnt even notice or acknowledge my cry of pain! I could smell burning flesh for the rest of the day. Actually I did return to this salon the next day to meekly voice my dissatisfaction, and such was the chorus of disdain and defensiveness that greeted my quiet complaint, from the woman and other staff that I immediately regretted my action and left.

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While I have not become any more assertive at the hairdressers, I have become more of a coward, and last year I experienced a strange phase of making appointments, then panicking and cancelling them. These were all with small local salons and the first few, I cancelled because I just got a bad feeling for different reasons. I approached one of them to make an appointment and as I neared the salon, a four wheel drive car mounted the curb and skidded to a stop next to me, making me jump and a young woman bounced out and barged past me into the salon! When I went in and walked up to the reception the same young woman greeted me, and I realised after a few minutes that she was in fact the owner. She seemed very confident and had nice hair, so I went ahead and booked.

When I arrived for my appointment the stylist/owner told me to sit down she would be with me in a minute. I realised that she had only just begun applying highlights to her customers hair, and three quarters of an hour later I was still sitting there. During that time, sitting amongst stylists and stylists friends, all running in and out of the salon, shouting to each other about their weekend, boyfriend, holiday etc, I watched what she was doing. The customer she was with had the most fabulous long, thick auburn hair, and the stylist was applying highlights. It was as if she was white washing a wall, daubing the brush here and there, not paying attention to the hair, and stopping mid daub to chat to whoever. I’m used to having highlights done so I kind of know what to expect, but I’d never seen it done in such a haphazard way. I also noticed that the customer was staring at me in the mirror, with an expression that could only mean ‘help!’ [or ‘run for your life and dont look back’] It was too much, I made my excuses and left.

I have other hairdressing tales of woe, so watch this space!

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