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Scalp Tricopigmentation

Ultra Realistic Hair Simulation

Most people feel that they are actually defined to some extent by their hair, which is why from quite early on, they begin to experiment with style and colour in an attempt to find a look that suits them. Hair is one of the first features of a person we think of when trying to describe them, it can reflect your general health, and the kind of lifestyle you have.

Hair is so important to us that the majority of people are more than a little distressed on discovering that their hair is thinning. Many men and some women will lose their hair quite naturally, and most attempt treatment of some kind to slow or stop this progression. Hair loss has given rise to a multi million pound industry, offering shampoos, lotions, pills and potions with very mixed results. Some resort to hair transplants and wigs which give varying outcomes, some pretty good, if a bit expensive. The search for a solution has been ongoing the world over since ancient times, which is understandable when you consider that 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by the age of 35, 65% by the age of 60 and 80% by the age 80. It’s not just men who are suffering with this, problem which affects 50% of women also.

Solution for Thinning Hair or Balding

There have however been breakthroughs in how to tackle the problem of losing ones hair, and one of the biggest things to emerge, is Tricopigmentation. This procedure has significantly grown in popularity, particularly in the last decade, and has been described by those who have benefited as ‘life changing’. It is a temporary form of Micropigmentation, giving the incredibly realistic appearance of a full head of shaved hair. Sometimes Tricopigmentation is used as a first step, allowing the person to decide whether or not they would like to progress to the permanent version. Although, many stick to repeat treatments of Tricopigmentation, as feedback indicates that many feel the results look better than the permanent treatment.

Accredited specialists like Lew Grady of Scalp Solutions Tricopigmentation, in Wigan, offers this non invasive, pain free and safe alternative to other disappointing solutions.

Thicker Hair Appearance, Scar Coverage, Rejuvenated Hairline

Lew uses a procedure which involves placing a small amount of pigment in the upper dermis (thin layer of skin) of the scalp. This pigment perfectly replicates shaved hair follicles lasting around two years, it can be topped up regularly if desired, and tailored, perhaps with the odd few grey hairs. Visitors to Lew’s clinic, say they love their rejuvenated hairline, and feel that this treatment has taken years off them, boosting their confidence no end!

Lew also helps those men and women who have thinning hair but simply want the appearance of thicker hair, in which case, densification treatments are the way to go. This works very well with individuals who have thinning hair in places, or have scaring which they would like camouflaged.

Bespoke, Versatile Service Non Invasive, Safe & Pain Free Treatments

This process is far superior to the outmoded practice of scalp tattooing, which has over the years left many dissatisfied, due to false looking dots, and awful discolouration. Thankfully, state of the art equipment and pigments mixed with excellent skill of the professional, mean no more embarrassing results.

Tricopigmentation will last for about two years after which it will begin to fade, customers can decide whether to have their great new look freshened up after 6 to 12 months [at a reduced cost], or allow it to fade. Eventually, if left, the effects will fade completely, leaving all decisions in the hands of the individual.

Scalp Tricopigmentation, Ultra Realistic Hair Simulation, Solution for Thinning Hair or Balding. Thicker Hair Appearance, Scar Coverage, Rejuvenated Hairline, Bespoke, Versatile Service Non Invasive, Safe & Pain Free Treatments

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