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• Ionics Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment Review by Fashion blogger Chaz Andrews

Hair Straightening Treatments for Coarse & Curly Hair

trimmers_image1I have lost count of the people who in the past have looked at my hair, sighed and said ‘I wish I had curly hair’. Why is it you always want what you don’t have? I would sit in front of the mirror and stare at my coarse, curly hair, trying to imagine sleek hair that shimmered and moved with every turn of the head.

Advertisements on TV that had girls tossing and swishing their gleaming straight hair would make me green with envy, when my hair seemed to continually defy gravity, remaining in a stiff immobile lump whichever way up I was! I remember at one stage, I more or less permanently wore hats. They looked good and it was kind of my style which friends admired, but I wasn’t trying to show off my trendy taste in hats, I was trying to hide my hair! Or at least make it less obvious. I have tried every styling aid, new product, gel, spray and serum on Earth, all promising ‘unbelievable’ results. It truly was unbelievable, as none of them worked, well not successfully, and especially not in the long term.

So recently, at the age of 37 I decided enough was enough and I would seriously look into my options for acquiring the hair I desired. I scoured the internet for the latest ideas and techniques for straightening hair and eventually found impressive reviews for Trimmers salon in Skelmersdale. As the salon is not too far from me I decided to look into what they offer in the way of straightening treatments.

Ionic Hair Retexturising for Straight, Sleek & Glossy Hair

I contacted them and thought ‘ok, nice and friendly…good sign!’ On my appointment day I arrived at the busy salon and was greeted by a stylist called Joanne, who got to business before long explaining all about the revolutionary technique they use. Ionics, or Ionic Hair Retexturising, is a process which can apparently rehydrate and recondition the hair. Leaving your hair straight yet incredibly stunning and in exquisite condition.

It seemed difficult to take in, as we are programmed to think that every cosmetic hair treatment comes with a disadvantage, usually damage. We are warned about the downsides of bleach, harsh colour, heat and just about every other process or product we employ to change the appearance of our hair.

I learnt that Ionics works by utilising particles or ions, that gather around most objects, transforming water molecules so that they can penetrate each hair shaft. This locks in moisture leaving the hair glossy and improving condition. Get it?

Hair Straightening, Cutting, Styling & Colouring, Professional Salon

Extremely popular with everyone including celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Samantha Mumba, Ionics was first discovered in Japan, to tame thick unruly hair. My treatment took around four hours, my hair being past shoulder length, which didnt bother me as coffee, magazines and friendly chatting were supplied. Lets face it for straight hair I would sit a lot longer than four hours! [Maybe even walk across hot coals!].

My hair was shampooed and sprayed with a pre-treatment Ionic Protector, to restore protein and moisture to the hair. Then a relaxant cream was applied before the main treatment, Joanne explained that the cream prepares the hair to accept moisture and opens up the cuticles, allowing the straightening irons to work. Eventually another shampoo and then my hair was separated into very small sections and worked on with straightening tongs. The chemicals and tongs are used to permanently alter the structure of the hair, This process took ages, certainly over one and a half hours, then a neutralising gel was put on which prevents the hair from reverting back to curly. Once that had been left for a while, my hair was rinsed, conditioned and blow dried with an Ionic Esthetic Hairbrush.

Professional Hair Grooming, Creative Cut, Colouring Specialist Salon

trimmers_image2When it was finished I couldn’t believe my eyes! If I had any doubts about Ionics they were now blown away. My hair is totally different from the annoying curly mess its always been, I cant stop touching it and playing with it. The amazing thing is the condition of it, continually looking as if I have just emerged from a salon, after simply washing and blow drying it. I am dumbfounded that it will remain like this until it begins to grow out and need re-touching [about every 4 to 6 months]. The salon advised me to wait at least two weeks before perming or colouring my hair as these chemicals may lessen the retexturising effect.

My hair seems to have become more and more glorious and manageable, which is what they told me, but I’d thought, ‘well they would say that!’ I am ashamed of my cynicism!

I have enjoyed the reactions from my friends and family too, they are always speechless, and want to know all about it. Basically Im hooked, and as long as ionic straightening is on offer I will have beautifully straight hair.

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Hair Straightening Treatments for Coarse & Curly Hair. Ionic Hair Retexturising for Straight, Sleek & Glossy Hair. Hair Straightening, Cutting, Styling & Colouring, Professional Salon. Professional Hair Grooming, Creative Cut, Colouring Specialist Salon, Skelmersdale, Lancashire

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