6 Hair Lockdown Tips

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Hair is an important part of our look and the way we feel about ourselves, and during lockdown many of us have been at a loss without our salon visits. Ok, we know it isn’t the biggest priority in the greater scheme of things, but it certainly contributes to how happy we feel! On top of the lack of hair care options available lately, some of us struggle with motivation, I mean if you aren’t going anywhere or seeing anyone, why bother?

Taking a little time over your hair will not only benefit the health of your hair in the long run, but go a long way towards boosting your mental health too. Unfortunately we cannot get that uplifting cut, or fresh colour we yearn for at the moment. So what do we do until a visit to the professionals is possible? These 6 tips for temporary hair care maintenance may keep your hair condition and spirits up.

1. Give your hair a rest from heat damage by only using heated hair tools when you have a scheduled zoom meeting, trip to the shops [or putting the bins out].

2. A clever way to hide roots for now is by simply using a ‘zig zag’ parting, getting rid of hard lines and disguising root growth. There are many videos on YouTube that cover this way of parting your hair. There are also several root touch up sprays and powders you can order online.

3. For an emergency grey cover up, try brushing a little mascara onto the roots. This is best if you have darker hair obviously.

4. Is your fringe getting too long? Why not sweep it to the side for a different style, a look which is fortunately very on trend at the moment.

5. Try to shampoo less often so hair can build up and replenish its own natural oils, and treat it to a DIY conditioner 10 minutes before shampooing such as a little coconut oil.

6. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, great for hair and skin.

Resist the temptation to cut or colour you own hair, as disastrous results cannot be rectified until the salons open again. Good luck and stay safe.


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